Finnish nature

Welcome to come and enjoy our clean and colourful nature!

In summer nature and Finnish towns and cities cherish tourists. In autumn forests and foliage glow with autumn colours. In winter we enjoy white snow, when it´s freezing hard, darkness and all the exotic supply of the North. In spring the whole country blossoms out. In addition to our nature resorts Finnish towns and cities offer plenty to see. For people who have difficulties in breathing, it is of especial value to be able to move and breathe in fresh and clean air.

Our log wood villa is made of natural wooden breathing material, and it also guarantees a clean and pleasant quality of air inside the villa. When walking outside you can admire the stars in the clear sky and with good luck you can also see the shining Northern lights (Aurora borealis) up on the skyline.

The best time to see the Northern lights is from autumn to the end of winter because the amount of daylight is less than in midsummer. Midsummer treats you well with light days and nights round the clock, which is one of the most popular specialities of our northern nature! In our forests you can find a lot of healthy and delicious berries and mushrooms. In Finland you can pick berries and mushrooms freely according to public right of access. However, make sure that they are edible!

The most popular berries are blueberries, lingonberries and raspberries. These are real superfood and also most delicious in pastries and jam. Their season is from July to September.

Mushrooms are really delicious in salads, oven-baked dishes or boiled. You can find tens of edible mushroom species. Their season is from June until it starts snowing. We usually have our first snow in November.

Different species of birds are an amazing sight when you walk in forests and along farm roads. You might see hawks, ravens, owls and even a white-tailed eagle wheeling above.

If you are lucky enough, you might also see wild rabbits, foxes, deer and even elks in their natural habitat.

Most of all, you can enjoy the peace of mind and calmness of a quiet forest. You are very welcome to come and enjoy our clean and colourful nature!