A perfect place for having your business meetings!
Really peaceful surroundings and our group got rid of everyday routine. Peacefulness in the premises and the clean nature surrounded the whole estate. In the middle of all this tranquillity a lot of creativity popped up for new ideas and we came up spontaneously with new sources for development. As regards the programme, we had plenty of interesting activities. Frisbee golf can sound child´s play but when you have done the track a couple of times, you may have a different opinion. Having a sauna in the evening and relaxing in a warm hot tub enchanted us while the delicious aroma from the grill was frizzling. All this created a special atmosphere to spend an evening. The night´s lodging was pleasant and cosy (though we could have gone home if we had wanted because of the short distance). I heartily recommend you to try this place and remove your meetings from your normal surroundings as the results are really worth it!

Martti From


Asko' s Villa is very comfortable, big, good facilities.
We nine people enjoyed fresh air, green garden and sweet family feeling. We had very beautiful view from each window, the clean sky ,trees and grass are like pictures. Finish wooden house and sauna impressed me and gave us a good memory. Asko offered us very good service.



A splendid place for a small get-together party to enjoy a relaxing evening.
We were well looked after by the landlord, and everything was done with great hospitality. Near the capital area. I recommend!

Jan Lundström


A brilliant place for a meeting
for example, and to have a sauna or a bath in the hot tub in the evening. And if you feel tired, you can enjoy a nice relaxing sleep

Gitta Nyyssönen


A wonderful place to enjoy a peaceful cottage feeling or have a unique hen or stag night.
A gorgeous villa both inside and outside plus enough space for outdoor games and barbeque. I recommend!

Toni Kananen