We offer you several activities together with different co-operators.

(You can find the pictures on their pages)

Frisbee golf course- 6 track in the farmyard of the villa

Troubadour Jyrä to entertain Your evening  by the Villa

Facebook: Troubadour Jyrä

Catering services in the villa

Tailored sports services and nutrition and wellbeing classes

Facebook: Personal Trainer Marjo Kujala

Wilderness Guide services. Competitions, nature hikes, snowshoe hikes etc. on the spot or in the surrounding area.

Playing ground for different games

Driving military vehicles (tanks, e.g.)

15 km

Bike rental and guided bike rides in the nearby terrain throughout the year


Domestic animal farm

13 km

Guided canoeing trips along the River Mustijoki (also for beginners)

6 km

Fishing in the River Mustijoki and Lake Isojärvi

6 km

Lake Kotojärvi Golf course

18 km

Talma Golf course

23 km


Skating in the icehall in Mäntsälä all year round

15 km

Exercise/adventure Park HopLop, Kerava

22 km


Guided tours in Helsinki

50 km

 Kohina baari” and ” Pub & Bar Kohina”
Unique atmosphere of a rustic country Pub
6 km

Entertainment Center Flamingo

42 km



Helsinki 50 km/40 min,
Helsinki-Vantaa airport 41 km/ 40 min
Järvenpää center 15 km
Mäntsälä center15 km
Pornainen center 12 km
Train station Haarajoki 11 km
Grocery shop in Haarajoki, Raitakatu 1, Järvenpää
Porvoo 35 km
Lahti 60 km

Subject to alterations reserved (conditions of the weather, time of the year, for example)
We take great pleasure in designing the best-suited and pleasant package including all your wishes

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